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Rusted Oak

by Haneman and Haneman

Starfish vase

by alleghenyclayworks


by Debbie D's Photography

Portrait of Billie Holiday

by Art by Natasha Sazonova

"Ancient Fish", Ceramic Wall Han

by Woman of Clay

American Art Showcase

Southington Arts And Crafts Show
Nov 29, 2015
Southington, CT
Ridgefield Arts and Crafts Fair
Jun 28, 2015
Ridgefield, CT
Madison Arts and Crafts Fair
Aug 01, 2015
Madison, CT

Lapis Lazuli Pendant and Earring

by Kathi's Krystals

Green pendant necklace - great g

by Crafty Creations by AngleAh

One of A Kind Hand Twisted ss Br

by Princess Greathouse Jewelry

Daisy Pitcher

by The Glass Flower Garden

Angel's Rest: Enamel on Precious

by Elements Jewelry

American Craft Showcase

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NOTE: A Start Date with a yellow background indicates a past event that has not been updated by the event director yet.
Connecticut Events     Click column name to sort
Event Name      ( Click blue event name for event details ) City State Start Date Event Details
Shop 'til You Drop Windsor CT 11/9/2014 Request more info
Southington Arts And Crafts Show Southington CT 3/15/2015 View details
Artists in the Country, Spring Artists Collaborative W. Woodstock CT 5/15/2015 Request more info
Ridgefield Arts and Crafts Fair Ridgefield CT 6/28/2015 View details
Madison Arts and Crafts Fair Madison CT 8/1/2015 View details
Trumbull Arts Festival - 37th Annual Trumbull CT 9/13/2015 View details
Artists In The Country, Outdoor, Juried Art Show & Sale Woodstock CT 9/19/2015 Request more info
Cromwell Arts and Crafts Fair Cromwell CT 10/25/2015 View details
Waterbury Arts and Crafts Fair Waterbury CT 11/15/2015 View details
St. Ann Craft Fair Bristol CT 11/21/2015 Request more info
Southington Arts And Crafts Show Southington CT 11/29/2015 View details
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* Note: the sponsoring organization listed on the event detail report is the person or group responsible for their event ... direct event questions to them.

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