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Silver Ridge

by Page14Productions

Spin Art

by Art Express

owl hootenannies

by 5 orange potatoes

Oak Burl Bottle Stopper

by Wonderful Woodworks

Starfish vase

by alleghenyclayworks

American Art Showcase

Hayward Musky Festival
Jun 23, 2017
Hayward, WI
Treasure Chest Holiday Expo
Nov 17, 2017
St. Charles, MO

Rasta Hat

by PerfectMix Creations

Coyote moon lamp

by Coppertone Lighting

Bunnies Puzzle

by FHG Custom Furniture & Craft

Mug Caddies

by 2 Crafty Characters

Purple Play Days - Summer Straw

by One-of-a-Kind Wreaths

American Craft Showcase

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North Central Region Events ... sorted by City     Click column name to sort
Event Name      ( Click blue event name for event details ) City State Start Date Event Details
Ann Arbor Annual Arts & Crafts Show Crafting With Grace Ann Arbor MI 10/8/2016 Request more info
Barrington Park District Showcase Of Arts And Crafts Barrington IL 11/5/2016 Request more info
The Bismarck Big One Art & Craft Fair Bismarck ND 11/17/2017 View details
Midwest Farm and Fiber Festival Cambridge MN 10/22/2016 Request more info
St. Symphorosa Ladies Night Out/Holiday Extravaganza Chicago IL 11/19/2016 View details
Clearwater Craft Festival Clearwater KS 11/12/2016 Request more info
Cleveland Lions Craft Fair & Car Show Cleveland WI 8/5/2017 Request more info
The Crookston Big One Art & Craft Fair Crookston MN 10/20/2017 View details
Belle Isle Art Fair Detroit MI 8/5/2017 Request more info
Palmer Park Art Fair Detroit MI 5/6/2017 Request more info
East Lansing Art Festival East Lansing MI 5/20/2017 View details
The Fargo Big One Art & Craft Fair Fargo ND 10/13/2017 View details
Rockwood Summit Holiday Shopping Extravaganza Fenton MO 11/18/2017 View details
Funky Ferndale Art Fair Ferndale MI 9/22/2017 Request more info
Ribbons and Bows Holiday Arts and Crafts Show Grand Rapids MI 11/12/2016 View details
Haysville Fall Festival Haysville KS 10/20/2017 Request more info
Hayward Musky Festival Hayward WI 6/23/2017 View details
Huron Valley Arts Festival Highland MI 7/29/2017 Request more info
Mistletoe Market Craft and Gift Show (and Cookie Walk) Highland Park IL 11/6/2016 View details
Christmas Crossroads Craft Show Lockport IL 11/18/2017 Request more info
Kensington Metropark Art Fair Milford MI 5/27/2017 Request more info
The Spring Big One Art & Craft Fair Minot ND 4/7/2017 Request more info
The Minot Big One Art & Craft Fair Minot ND 11/3/2017 View details
YouthHOPE Craft and Vendor Fair Moline IL 3/25/2017 View details
Niles Family Fun Fair & Bluegrass/Americana Music Fest. Niles MI 6/1/2017 Request more info
Oak Park Ave-Lake Arts & Crafts Show Oak Park IL 8/26/2017 View details
Spring Festivals, An Arts & Crafts Affair Omaha NE 3/24/2017 Request more info
CSHS Athletic Boosters Annual Fall Craft Show Orland Park IL 11/19/2016 Request more info
Spring Showcase of Arts and Crafts Palatine IL 3/4/2017 View details
Art for the Season Palos Hills IL 3/18/2017 Request more info
Art for the Season Palos Hills IL 11/11/2017 View details
Fall Arts & Crafts Adventure Park Ridge IL 9/16/2017 View details
An Arts & Crafts Adventure Park Ridge IL 5/13/2017 View details
Plainwell Area Arts and Crafts Club Annual Craft Show Plainwell MI 11/18/2017 Request more info
Quad City Christmas Arts & Craft Fair Rock Island IL 11/24/2017 View details
Holiday Market Rock Island IL 11/5/2016 Request more info
Royal Oak Clay, Glass And Metal Show Royal Oak MI 6/10/2017 Request more info
Prairie Arts Festival Schaumburg IL 5/27/2017 View details
Septemberfest Schaumburg IL 9/2/2017 View details
Sidewalk Arts Festival Sioux Falls SD 9/9/2017 Request more info
Art Spectacular at the Carillon Springfield IL 9/9/2017 View details
Treasure Chest Holiday Expo St. Charles MO 11/17/2017 View details
St. Johns Mint Festival St. Johns MI 8/11/2017 View details
Rotary Fall Arts & Crafts Show St. Louis MO 11/19/2016 Request more info
Rotary Arts & Crafts Show Spring Fair St. Louis MO 4/1/2017 Request more info
Victor J Andrew Music Parents Arts & Crafts Show Tinley Park IL 2/25/2017 Request more info
Victor J Andrew Music Parents Arts & Crafts Show Tinley Park IL 10/29/2016 Request more info
Made from the Heart Holiday Craft Fair Topeka KS 11/19/2016 Request more info
Elf Shelf Arts and Crafts Show Troy MI 11/26/2016 Request more info
Spring Arts & Crafts Fair Villa Park IL 5/6/2017 Request more info
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* Note: the sponsoring organization listed on the event detail report is the person or group responsible for their event ... direct event questions to them.

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