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Rotary Fall Arts & Crafts Show Exhibitor Information

St. Louis, MO 39288
Start Date:  11/19/2016
End Date:  11/20/2016
Event Hours:  Saturday 9 - 4
Sunday 10 - 4
Event Site:  Lindbergh High School 5000 S Lindbergh St Louis, Mo 63126
Application Due - Art & Craft:  10/1/2016
    * Send SASE with application
Registration Cancel by:  11/1/2015
Cancellation Note:  Full refund if cancel by 11/01/2015
Setup Date / Time:  11/18/2016  -  5:30pm - 8:30pm
Setup requirements:  Outside booths may set up on Saturday morning. All setup must be completed by 9 am 11/19/2016. Vendor must be present both days.
Year of Event:  34
Estimated Attendance:  5,000              Source:  Staff Counts

Admission:           Adults: $0.00     Children: $0.00     Seniors: $0.00
Adm. Last Year:  Adults: $0.00     Children: $0.00     Seniors: $0.00
Applications last year:  490              Return percentage:  90%
Booths - Art & Craft:    450              
Indoor/Outdoor:    90% Indoor        10% Outdoor

Selection Process:  Show committee selects work
Jury Medium:  Photos 2 + 1
Merit Awards:  $0
Patron Pre-Purchases:  $0
Advertising:  Show Directory booklet listing with e-mail $10, business card ad $25, 1/2page ad - $50, full page ad $100
Event Links
Event Web Site
Artist/Crafter Vendor Application
Google Map of St. Louis, MO
Event Category:  Fine Art, Special Theme Fine Art, Fine Craft, Arts & Craft, Traditional Craft, Seasonal / Holiday

Acceptable Work:  Fine Art, High-quality fine craft, Limited or handmade prints, Offset lithograph prints, Country Crafts, Handcraft item under $25, Painted / appliqued clothing, Photography
Booth Fee:  $40      Size:  10 x 10      ( outdoor )
Booth Fee:  $90      Size:  9X5      ( indoor )

Event Restrictions:  Artist/crafter must be present entire show.  No agents, reps or commercial vendors.  No manufactured or resale items.  No imports.    St. Louis County Health Permit required
Electricity:  must specify on application that you must have electricity!
Tables & Chairs:  none - bring your own
Patron Parking:  on site
Vendor Parking:  off site with shuttle parking
Vendor RV Parking:  available
Restrooms:  yes, event is held in a high school
Sponsoring Org.:  Crestwood Sunset Hills Rotary Club
Address:  P.O. Box 270267, St Louis MO 63126
Phone:  636-230-2300

General Information

34th Annual Rotary Arts & Crafts Fair is the largest in the St. Louis area. Nationally recognized show highlighted in Midwest Living Magazine and Southern Living. Juried event with vendors from around the country. Come enjoy the best of the best.

* Please note: the sponsoring organization listed above is the person or group responsible for this event. For event questions, please contact them.

This is NOT the address of the event organizer / director ... it is the list service provider.

To reach the event organizer / director, you must use the contact inforamtion above ... if provided.