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American Craft Showcase

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Colts Neck Fine Art & Craft Festival Exhibitor Information

Colts Neck, NJ 38642
Start Date:  9/26/2015
End Date:  9/27/2015
Event Hours:  10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Event Site:  Bucks Mill Recreation Area, Bucks Mill Road
Application Due - Art & Craft:  9/10/2015
Application Due - Food Vendor:  9/10/2015
    * Send SASE with application
Setup Date / Time:  9/25/2015  -  11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Setup requirements:  backdrops
Year of Event:  19
Estimated Attendance:  10,000              Source:  Gate Receipts

Admission:           Adults: $6.00     Children: $0.00     Seniors: $6.00
Adm. Last Year:  Adults: $6.00     Children: $0.00     Seniors: $6.00
Applications last year:  250              Return percentage:  80%
Booths - Art & Craft:    150              Booths - Food Vendors:    10
Indoor/Outdoor:    95% Indoor        5% Outdoor

Selection Process:  Show committee selects work
Jury Medium:  Photos 2 + 1
Merit Awards:  $0
Patron Pre-Purchases:  $0
Advertising:  e-mail to a targeted customer list of 30,000, social media, NJ and Staten Island newspaper, 2 radio stations and Billboards on major Routes
Event Links
Event Web Site
Artist/Crafter Vendor Application
Google Map of Colts Neck, NJ
Event Category:  Fine Art, Fine Craft, Arts & Craft

Acceptable Work:  Fine Art, High-quality fine craft, Limited or handmade prints, Offset lithograph prints, Country Crafts, Handcraft item under $25, Photography , Sculpture
Booth Fee:  $360      Size:  10x15, 10x20      ( 10 x 15 - $540, 10 x 20 - $720 )

Electrical Fee:  $50
corner:  $50
Sales Tax Percent:  7%
Event Restrictions:  Artist/crafter must be present entire show.  No agents, reps or commercial vendors.  No manufactured or resale items.  No imports.
Electricity:  yes, 300 watts
Water:  for food vendors only
Tables & Chairs:  for customers only in food court
Patron Parking:  free yes
Vendor Parking:  free yes
Vendor RV Parking:  free yes
Restrooms:  port a johns
Sponsoring Org.:   Woodwill
Address:  PO Box 5186, Hauppauge NY 11788
Phone:  631-234-4183

General Information

Juried art & craft event held at a beautiful outdoor setting all under big tents. Park encompasses 30 acres and includes a lake, soccer fields, ball fields and unlimited parking. It is surrounded by horse farms, pumpkin fields, apple orchards and upscale residential communities. This event is heavily advertised - Newspapers in NJ & Staten Island, e-mail blasts, 3 billboards on major highways, srteet signs, over 105 radio spots and social media.

* Please note: the sponsoring organization listed above is the person or group responsible for this event. For event questions, please contact them.

This is NOT the address of the event organizer / director ... it is the list service provider.

To reach the event organizer / director, you must use the contact inforamtion above ... if provided.