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by Tina Primer Art

Silver Ridge

by Page14Productions

Ammonite Fossil Earrings

by Delia Stones Studio

Bumblebee Girl, with Matching Do

by Phil Haber Photography

Turquoise & Sterling Silver Jewe

by BeJeweled By Renee

American Art Showcase

Angel's Rest: Enamel on Precious

by Elements Jewelry

Desert Bloom Candle Co. - Leathe

by Desert Bloom Candle Co

Pink Florals

by jeannie's custom beading

Driftwood Decor

by handcrafted charleston

Wooden Serving Tray with Wildflo

by Laurie Rohner Studio Cottage Art

American Craft Showcase

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The Fargo Big One Art & Craft Fair Exhibitor Information

Fargo, ND 30315
Event director not advertising event information online ... Request more information directly from the event director via email.
Start Date:  10/18/2014
End Date:  
Event Hours:  
Event Site:  
Application Due - Art & Craft:  
Application Due - Food Vendor:  
Notification of Acceptance by:  
Registration Due by:  
Registration Cancel by:  
Setup Date / Time:  
Setup requirements:  
Year of Event:  
Estimated Attendance:                Source:  
Adm. Last Year:
Applications last year:              Return percentage:
Booths - Art & Craft:              Booths - Food Vendors:

Selection Process:  
Merit Awards:  

Event Links:
Event Web Site:
Artist/Crafter Vendor Application:
Locator Map:
Other web link:
Other web link:
Google Map of:  Fargo, ND

Event Category:

Acceptable Work:  
Booth Fee:                   Booth Size:

Sponsoring Org:  

General Information

* Please note: the sponsoring organization listed above is the person or group responsible for this event. For event questions, please contact them.

This is NOT the address of the event organizer / director ... it is the list service provider.

To reach the event organizer / director, you must use the contact inforamtion above ... if provided.